Annie Verde

Director, Finance and Administration

Annie is the consummate caregiver of the team. She handles finance, benefits, accounting and the wide array of day-to-day operations that make this place run seamlessly. One person who does the work of many!

Kim R. Tsuchimoto

Chief Financial Officer, Secretary and Co-founder

Kim has been integral in building a mere idea into a fully realized company. She is an efficient CFO who is always generous with her time and energy. In short, she’s the glue that keeps this place together.

Amanda Ko

Senior Scientist

Amanda has been a part of our close-knit team for more than 11 years. She develops new experiments that explore and match the novelty of our discovery. She also analyzes all our house experiments with an in depth approach and meticulous standards. Her dedication and hard work make her an indispensible part of Mercaptor.

We have a small dedicated team with no plans to grow personnel, keeping overhead low. We value our autonomy and feel very strongly about maintaining scientific integrity. With respect and trust for each other, those who make up our team have shown tried and true commitment to the science. Each one of us wears multiple hats. Only a few of these roles are mentioned below.

Renée Kinkade

Research Associate II

Renee has a curious mind for things outside the box. She looks at Ca+ flux and excitotoxicity, and develops analytic assays checking for the presence of either oxidized or reduced small molecules in cells. Her tireless questioning of the data and thorough process maintain the highest scientific standards.

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Sara Isbell

Chief Executive Officer, President and Co-founder

Sara has been fascinated with neuroscience since a very young age. Since then, her early enthusiasm has endured. She went on to receive a degree in Neurochemistry and has been at the bench developing experiments and applying the scientific method for 22 years.  

Todd Zankel, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder

Getting to know him and especially to work with Todd on ideas and experiments he thinks up, is a great honor. This sentiment is shared by all at Mercaptor Discoveries.

Sheana Nieh

Research Assistant II

Sheana joined our team as an administrator and quickly made her way to the bench with enthusiasm and competence. She looks at mitochondrial health, cellular respiration, and cell toxicity assays.

Victoria Mendonca

Program Manager

The heart of keeping the team organized, enthusiastic, strong, Victoria tracks and manages all projects in-house and plays a vital role in fundraising. She also works closely with Jarrod in designing our animal studies. 

Jarrod Tremayne, PhD

Vice President of Translational Research and Early Development

A team player who juggles an overwhelming work load with poise and grace, Jarrod is the key between the bench and clinic, developing and coordinating all animal studies. He is a whiz at balancing multiple studies in different indications in parallel.

Chris Rincon

Lab Operations and Facilities

Chris handles all lab tasks, from safely disposing of hazardous waste to cleaning glassware to stocking shelves. As head of health and safety, Chris keeps us trained and fully compliant, keeps the lab running and the laboratory equipment maintained. Despite his multitude of responsibilities, he’s always ready to lend a helping hand.

Esmeralda Ponce

Research Associate II

Esme brings unity and calmness to the table. She is quiet, yet makes all of us laugh a few times a day. Esme develops, performs, and analyzes experiments looking at ROS levels, activity of proteins, and cellular oxidation. Her work ethic is rivaled only by her extreme efficiency and commitment to helping team-members succeed.