independently follow-up on these connections, Mercaptor recognizes the obligation implicit in the historical link between fortuity and progress. Glimpses of reality compel even accidental witnesses to realize on the potential such knowledge may offer the world.  Mercaptor stands ready to fulfill this responsibility.

Mercaptor was conceived in September, 2016.  A team of researchers at Raptor Pharmaceuticals faced a decision:  Walk away from an intriguing discovery or pursue it on their own.  Raptor had just been purchased.  Research efforts would not be continued.  Curiosity and excitement tipped the scales.  A new company began to take form.

Mercaptor’s founding premise, if true, supports new approaches to the treatment of traumatic brain injury and neurodegeneration.  The premise derives from unanticipated connections uncovered unintentionally in areas unrelated to neuroscience. In deciding to 

Mercaptor Discoveries is a privately-held company, headquartered in Novato, California.  We strive to do good science, sweeten brutal honesty with genuine friendship, and share space with a bunch of dogs.

Mercaptor is pursuing non-dilutive funding for preclinical studies in models of stroke, TBI, Seizers, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and stroke.  Proof-of-concept data will gate additional fundraising efforts.  Our goal is to bring drug candidates to the clinical stage in both humans and companion animals.


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Mercaptor first licensed intellectual property covering knowledge generated by Mercaptor’s research team when they were Raptor’s research team.  With these assets in hand, Mercaptor has begun replicating and elaborating on earlier efforts.  Studies in appropriate preclinical models are scheduled for the second half of 2017.

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